FIST OF THE NORTH STAR #4 - - Watch & Learn

| Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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FIST OF THE NORTH STAR #4 - - Watch & Learn

One of you lunatics recently pointed out a series of clips on YouTube
that cleverly redub FIST OF THE NORTH STAR episodes with new, snarky dialog. This
might be the first case where such a parody simply can’t be as funny as the
source material, because this show is already so utterly ridiculous that
I’m cracking up over every scene.

I mean...

  1. This one opens up with a morbidly obese, black-hearted behemoth
    rampaging around, howling “
    It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!” because he got
    a little cut on one of his fingers.
  2. He then murders a bunch of his cronies by
    bouncing their steel clubs back at them with his fat.
  3. Later on, Ken literally gets his arm stuck in
    the bad man’s fat folds (SEE ABOVE).
  4. As if that were shaping up to be any
    kind of a setback, our hero basically just shrieks until he figures out another
    technique that instantly renders this seemingly-invincible man into
    all-too-dead pile of goo.

…there’s really not much left to parody after that?

== TEASER ==

This episode didn’t even seem to bother with setting up conflict and
just vengeance in the way that the three previous ones did. The scenes of the
bad guys oppressing innocents to earn their righteous comeuppance from Ken are
so negligible that they might as well not even be there. The show’s basically
just saying, “Look at these jerks. You know they’ve got it coming!” before
devoting most of the episode to Ken gloriously shredding through the scumbags.

I might criticize the show for not developing its plot much ,
but the simplicity of this non-stop carnage is just so sublimely perfect. I
could watch Ken powering up and crushing skulls all day. Hell, I’ve already seen the
exact same animation
of him doing just that (this episode’s already starting to recycle quick sequences from the last couple episodes).

It’s going to get harder to say anything new about this show (in the
interest of this column
), but watching it is just never going to get old.

Watch this
“Attack the Bloody Cross! The
Secret Technique, Death by Soft Strikes!” here and decide for yourself, then
read my comments on the previous episode here.

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