AV MOD MATERIAL: The Anime Fan's Experience in Holland

| Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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AV MOD MATERIAL: The Anime Fan's Experience in Holland

  • How did you get into anime?

I got in to anime very early since my mom found it easier to wake me early when baiting me with TV programs. I started watching when I was 3, with shows like Boes Boes, Maya the Bee, Calimero, The Genie Family, Super Pig, Vicky the Viking, Alfred J Kwak and lots more which all started early around 6-7AM.

  • How did you view anime and fans who love anime?

Every kid in my country thought pretty much the same thing about anime and cartoons. When they started watching, the art style wasn't much different from cartoons in their opinion and so they didn't learn the truth till like the late 90's with Pokemon and Digimon and later in the early 2000's with Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network (we didn't get Toonami till 2002 by then Cartoon Network was moved to digital format and Toonami was moved to RTL7 as Yorkiddin') and it was popular especially when Saban andFunimation kept pumping them out on Telekids and Fox Kids, But then in like 2003 it wasn't popular any more and so it was hard to find fellow anime fans here back then. Trying to do so usually ended up in alienation and prejudice towards you. So I cannot really say how other fans are here. Because I never really had a chance to hang with them other then my girlfriend and her brother. Luckily, we got the net now.

  • Relating to an article (Why is Anime Invisible in Britain) I found, did you think anime make it back to mainstream?

Probably due to the internet and nostalgic releases by DVD companies, anime is making a comeback. Television companies just paid attention to that.

  • Have you been to an anime convention? How was it?

Never sadly, I've always wanted to go to one but there's never any around, I have to take the train all the way to Brabant if I want to go to the nearest one up north, that's about €50 for the whole trip, and if I want to go to one in the south its like €80 for Brussels, Its not cheap getting around here and that doesn't even count the price of the tickets, its pretty much impossible to go to one here.

  • What is your buying experience like for anime and manga? Do you do it publicly or online?

When I was young I used to rent subbed anime from Videoland, but they went down in the early 2000's. I now usually use Ebay to find anime DVD's or the direct sites of the publishers but when I find a bargain I snatch it up quickly.

  • What are your views on Japanese culture?

It's a wonderfully complex and colorful culture, with its pros and cons. I was always interested in other cultures, and Japan is like on my top 5 of culture I usually search up on or just run across. Though to be fair, it's not my most loved foreign culture.

  • Is anime popular in Holland?
TIGER & BUNNY should air in Holland
TIGER & BUNNY should air in Holland

The only thing that counts in my country and generation is what is trendy at the moment and that ship left a decade ago. Now, we are back to the yuppie culture with drunk partying added. Any talk about other hobbies that are even slightly nerdy like this is again met with prejudice and alienation. Or at least disappointed and uncomfortable looks. I never had any good experience with other people about that in my country.

  • What anime should have aired in Holland, mainstream TV or online?

Tiger & Bunny should air here. But there's not many kids channels left to put it on. 2 of them are owned and dominated by Disney and the rest by Viacom and both of them don't like Anime that doesn't involve massive toys sales like Bakugan and Pokemon.


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