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The Totantta Warriors begin to ride out to go to war with the Don Quixote Family, and the rest of the Straw Hats are in trouble acrossDressrosa.

The Good

Smurfette doesn't have anything on Bian.
Smurfette doesn't have anything on Bian.

Some weeks back, I posed my theory of character-spacial mechanics as it relates to ONE PIECE. I theorize that one day the cast of Oda's adventure will one day grow so massive that it will collapse in upon itself and create a hole in time-space. The Dressrosa Arc has been one of the most character heavy arcs in recent memory. Thus bringing our galaxy ever closer to its inevitable doom.

It may surprise you that Oda wasn't finished with just the tournament line up. We're still learning about the Tontatta People of Greenbit, and many of them are still as of yet unnamed. The designs are so unique among them that I can't image that Oda hasn't given them names. I hope the little, bearded-mohawk guy is called Zangief.

This diminutive clan makes me call back to my childhood memories of the Smurfs. The biggest differences would be in both their gender demographics, and in the fact that they're not just willing to go to war. They have the tools and power for it. Just image how cool it would have been if Papa Smurf called for a full scale assault on Gargamel.

The Bad

So, Giolla isn't the toy maker
So, Giolla isn't the toy maker

The chapter may have been all over the place, but I wouldn't really say it was in a bad way. It's just a tad frustrating that so much is going on all over the place, but the best we get are flashes. I want to see howNami and the others get out of their mess. I want to see more of how Trafalgar struggles in his fight withDoflamingo. It's exciting but also cruel to tease us with this.

Verdict 4/5

My criticism of NARUTO this week was that it's a good chapter that had little happening in it. If I used fraction to my points, I would have given it a 3.5. ONE PIECE had so much going on, but it was more samples of the full cast. It would have seemed like a mess if it hadn't been structured so well. Every scene has a hint that leads into the next. Never underestimate how powerful it can be to entertain as you inform.

You might be surprised that we're a step away from September, but the Dressrosa Arc is basically only twenty chapters deep. When you take that into consideration and think back, it almost shocks you with how eventful this arc has been. I think we can point to all the repeated breaks of the year for the lagging feeling. But we're all well aware as to the cause for that. Let's hope Oda is feeling better.

Next week, the English digital of WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP will be officially publishing ONE PIECE Chapter 0: STRONG WORLD. Just in time for FUnimation's release of the movie later this year.

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