HUNTER X HUNTER #2 - - Watch & Learn

| Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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HUNTER X HUNTER #2 - - Watch & Learn

As I’ve mentioned, my re-visit of DBZ is coming to an end soon. I’ve
been eying at FIST OF THE NORTH STAR as a replacement for W&L, already, of
course. However, as I’ve mentioned, it’s tough to resist when there are so many
shows just sitting there, waiting for instant streaming… so here we are.

You lunatics have been insistently recommending HUNTER X HUNTER to me.
First, while I was watching Togashi’s other epic (my beloved YU YU HAKUSHO),
and then any time I’ve ever griped about the quality of any current, long
running shonen. There’s something appealing about it being the ‘best kept
secret’ in anime, right now. I mean, it’s been trucking along steadily
for however many episodes, yet somehow not getting nearly as much as fanfare as ONE

== TEASER ==

Of course, if I’ve being totally honest, I feel like I’m trying to like
this show in spite of itself. It’s a very specific quality to quantify, I
realize, but this feels like Togashi’s honed the storytelling fundamentals of
shonen so well that he can maintain audience interest even when the actual
ingredients of the show aren’t actually that compelling. Like, there’s really nothing
that memorable about Gon and his cohorts. Weirdly, they almost look like the
mascots of some junior appliance line at IKEA (as bizarre as that sounds) - -
cartoons that are as basically appealing as they are inoffensive.

At the same time, however, the whole trial of virtue that our heroes
pass in this episode was actually a well-constructed ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’
scene. Also, the concluding chase/battle with the monsters was making the
needle on the ol’ ‘thrill meter’ dance properly - - even if the critters didn’t
seem to fit that cohesively into this world. I’m not excited about coming back
for episode 3, but I am intrigued to watch it, neverthless, so I suppose that’s
Togashi’s aforementioned invisible craft at work?

Watch this episode, Test x Of
x Tests
" here and decide for
yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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