ATTACK ON TITAN #15 - - Watch & Learn

| Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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ATTACK ON TITAN #15 - - Watch & Learn

Well I was just so pleased with myself today, realizing that the actor
behind Levi, Hiroshi Kamiya, is also voicing Trafalgar Law. (There’s no added
significance to that, of course

As I mentioned on the Vice Pit yesterday, this is my favorite episode
out of the latest batch. In contrast to, say, the neurosis of the gal in DOG & SCISSORS, Miss Hange has a much more convincing kind of creepy eccentricity
that really appeals to me. Watching her more-or-less
just play around with ‘Sawney’ and ‘Bean’ during her ‘experiments,' she had exactly
the sort of morbid giddiness you’d see in some girl who keeps a live bug
collection under her dresser. The scene
where Levi and the Spec Ops just quietly leave while she gets riled up about
her discoveries was just perfect. Office politics, even among Titan fighters!

== TEASER ==

Regarding what she learns, though? Well, if the Titans are made of some
unnaturally light material, and if they subsist on photosynthesis (right?),
then those do seem to be clues pointing to them being homunculi of some kind.
Nobody should be expecting a FMA crossover here that puts Father behind all of this misery, so we’re instead
left with the question of who could be creating these monstrosities.

Thinking about it,
I might take Sam’s theory a little further. I'll posit that the upper echelons of
this kingdom might actually be creating the Titans to maintain a power
hierarchy with those reliable lubes of fear and dependency. At this point, seeing as how layers of deception have already been
unveiled to us, and seeing as how we’ve already seen some very contentious
factions clashing in this kingdom, such a surprise wouldn’t be really be that
shocking, would it?

Watch this
Ops Squad - Night Before the Counteroffensive" here and decide for yourself, then
read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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