ONE PIECE #605 - - Special Review

| Friday, August 2, 2013

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ONE PIECE #605 - - Special Review

Trafalgar Law’s pal really shouldn’t be the one called ‘Joker’ in this
whole arrangement. Yeah, I’ve brought this up previously but, with each
successive episode, Caesar Clown’s similarities to that Ace of Knives just pile
higher and higher. Now, he’s got a whole array of creatively-designed, gaseous
poisons in his arsenal? How long before we see the one that makes its victims
keel over, laughing hysterically, until they die with permanent grins
on their faces?

I’ve half a mind to joke about this episode getting guest-directed by Tetsurō
Araki of DEATH NOTE and ATTACK ON TITAN, what with all the diagrams
illustrating our heroes’ plan of attack. Sure, Oda’s done it before on his own,
but I find it rather consistently amusing how anime has freer rein (and a greater
desire?) to use the same storytelling techniques as a PowerPoint presentation.

== TEASER ==

Honestly, I’m trying to think of what happened in this episode, and I keep
getting a mental image of the graph of all this compound’s various chambers...

Well, that and the various Marines going full-out ‘Pompey’ after Smiley breaks in… and Chopper’s cute scampering. More so the latter than the former, actually.
I could watch like that cute lil’ critter do anything and I’d still be
consistently entertained. Has he ever
gotten the spotlight in a one-off special like the feudal Japan one I watched a
while back? Seriously, if Oda hasn’t done something that could be titled “LUFFY’S FAVORITE DOCTOR, TONY TONY CHOPPER,”
then he seriously needs to.

Watch this
"Tashigi's Tears! G-5's Desperate Breakthrough Plan!!” here and decide
for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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