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Just as Block D of the tournament is set to begin, the further events across Dressrosa are setting to explode in an all out war.

The Good

Luffy is the voice of the people.
Luffy is the voice of the people.

I had a rather humorous revelation as I was reading this week's issue of ONE PIECE. Have you ever had one of those moments when you're reading something and some character has the very same reaction as yourself just as it's crossing your mind? I had this exact moment as I read Luffy's reaction to Cavendishberate the crowd for harassing Rebecca. However, I didn't call him "Cabbage". He actually impressed me by his dramatic speech, but I still hate the guy. I can't speak for the rest of you, but I want Rebecca to win.

We shouldn't forget what we learn at the end about the formation of the World Government. It does still leave me with a question. If Doflamingo is a member of the Celestial Dragons, why does he need the title of Warlord? Seeing how the Celestial Dragons can quite literally get away with murder. I sense a flashback coming in our future.

The Bad

You annoy me, but I still laughed.
You annoy me, but I still laughed.

Sticking to the theme. I had to chuckle at myself in a way. The only thing I didn't really like about this chapter is that we're taken away from the tournament. Just ponder on how silly that seems. I was bothered that the story was focusing on the primary cast of the series. I guess my excitement had just been built up to see Rebecca fight after the previous two chapters and the one week break.

Verdict 5/5

This is a great chapter of ONE PIECE. I enjoyed reading it a lot, and I got some genuine laughs out of it. However, I was originally hesitant to score this chapter a 5 out of 5. Maybe it's just in me to favor drama in story telling. Ultimately, the score should focus on the entertainment value, and this was undoubtedly entertaining. You're getting a little bit of everything in this chapter. Add to that the rather huge information bomb Doflamingo drops on us in the final pages. This had a little bit of everything.

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