ATTACK ON TITAN #17 - - Watch & Learn

| Monday, August 12, 2013

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ATTACK ON TITAN #17 - - Watch & Learn

Well, the first ten minutes of this episode felt like sitting through
the tutorial for a DYNASTY WARRIORS game. Most times, I do think it’s cool when
a war story actually takes some time to illustrate the tactics being employed
by its characters. However, TITAN has been pushing that button way too many times lately, and it’s seeming rather unnecessary. Does the narrative really gain any
tension or excitement points from all the graphics and charts that it wouldn’t have with just one explaining that the Recon
Corps split up into three units during this cross country sweep?

(Hell, the way the frame quickly hops amongst batches of 2D
characters animated over this sparse CG landscape makes it all look like a demo
run through a level already prepped for the inevitable TITAN video game

== TEASER ==

With all the hints dropped about the titular “Female Titan,” it’s easy
to guess that we’ll soon be developing a clearer hierarchy of creatures in this
world. We’ve got our human guardsmen, we’ve got our stupid Titans and then we’ve
got our ‘Titan Shifters’ who can switch from one to the other. So, the ‘Colossal
Titan’ who’s leading all these big doofuses is likely a human, himself, and we’ll
surely find out soon that all this titanic misery has been orchestrated by a
nefarious human faction . Given how things escalate, I’m sure more of the good
guys will start learning how to get huge, and I’m picturing a finale where we
just have dozens and dozens of Titans clubbing at each other.

Are you picturing something different?

Again, I’ll take some space to compliment this show for maintaining a
constant threat level at all times. While we may nitpick and complain about
however many plot elements, we keep coming back because this show really isn’t
ever easing its fingers off the characters’ pulses, is it? Getting chased by a crab-walking giant is just fundamentally scary...

Watch this
"Female Titan - 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls" here and decide for
yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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