FIST OF THE NORTH STAR #6 - - Watch & Learn

| Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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FIST OF THE NORTH STAR #6 - - Watch & Learn

Of course Kenshiro would find some way to kill a man with a wet willy…

As I said in the last GATCHAMAN CROWDS write-up, I’ll be taking a short
hiatus from FIST in the interest of making room for something new from this
season. To be honest, as well, for as much as I love FIST, the episodic and
repetitive nature of the show makes it a harder to run with in this column. Several of you have lunatics have noted that
the first arc is especially slow, and that’s become abundantly clear. The
sub-plot about Yuria’s captivity offers solid intrigue, but I feel like it’s
going to be drawn out well past that intrigue’s dissipation point.

Weirdly enough, these first six episodes have drawn a little bon mot
about the Punisher to mind…

== TEASER ==

I forget which writer it was who said that the character’s policy on
killing made it difficult to build a substantial rogue’s gallery for him (because
Punny kept offing all his villains, natch
), but he was right and the
same sentiment applies to Ken, so far. These ‘God’s Army’ guys could probably
sustain a whole arc - - not just as a source of heads to explode, but also as a collection of complex
characters to profile - - but they’re just cut off at the stem before they can
really bloom, as it were. Ken shows
up, unleashes hell, and that's it, we’re done with them.

Again, on one level, there’s something unusually… gratifying to
Ken being enough of a bad ass that he can just shut down most all threats
before they even begin to trouble him. I love how direct he is with his condemnations
and threats when he confronts these bereted scumbags. You do bad things? You get shut down. Simple as that.

However, if I wasn’t
already wear of that overall epic that’s unfolding here, I’d find that there
aren’t too many lingering hooks to pull me back for Episode #7. I mean, this
army could’ve put a little more of fight, c’mon.

Watch this
The Devil's
Hit List. Find the Man with the 7 Scars!
here and decide for yourself,
then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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