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Rebecca of Dressrosa has endured much in the past and present, but she will stand tall to fight to protect those she cares for. Even if that means facing the hatred and venom of the masses.

The Good

I'm not gonna' cry. I'm not gonna' cry. I'm n-- *weeping*
I'm not gonna' cry. I'm not gonna' cry. I'm n-- *weeping*

Often times when I'm trying to explain ONE PIECE to those yet to be spirited away within Oda's world. I describe the series as something that will at some point make you cry from either laughter or sorrow. The creator just has this ability to make you care about the characters -- even if that's an inanimate object,ala the Going Merry funeral. Well, Oda got me again this week.

Children will often times blame themselves when things go bad, such as with a divorce. How do you imagine it must feel for Rebecca to think it was her request for food that got her mother killed? Even just thinking about that moment of little Rebecca trying to shake her deceased mother awake has my eyes welling up with tears. It's the utter definition of heartbreaking, and I finally understand why she now says she never gets hungry.

We also learned some interesting things with this issue. It appears that Don Quixote Doflamingo had people changed into toys some time before he took over the throne, and Rebecca still doesn't know the truth about Toy Soldier. I'm left wondering why at no point did he tell her? Could it be that even he didn't realize it yet?

The Bad

There is one part I'm still confused on. If Rebecca was in hiding from Don Quixote's men, who were hunting down her family, why is she still alive since everyone knows her link to the previous kingdom? The answer is likely they thought she would die in the Corrida Colosseum. Other than that, I got nothing against this week's story.

Verdict 5/5

The crowd may hate her, but Luffy likes her.
The crowd may hate her, but Luffy likes her.

This chapter embodies much of what I love about ONE PIECE. It's the ability to trigger an emotional reaction from the reader. That's what good fiction should do. It doesn't even concern me that the principle protagonist hardly even appears.

My hypothesis that Rebecca could be the next holder of the Flame-Flame Fruit from last week only seems stronger now that she's had an entire chapter dedicated to her back-story. Not to mention that she's highly likely to be the focus of the next preliminary round. I look forward to seeing what her fighting style is like. Although, that will have to wait. ONE PIECE will be on break next week.

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