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Don Chin Jao has lost more than the spring in his step.
Don Chin Jao has lost more than the spring in his step.

As a younger-ish man, Don Chin Jao had a grand treasure, but that was all taken away by the iron fist of Monkey D. Garp. Don Chin Jao finally explained!

The Good

Thor Elephant Gun, better than Cialis.
Thor Elephant Gun, better than Cialis.

Oda has done some rather bizarre things when it comes to character design through the years. Yet, something about Don Chin Jao's younger version disturbs me on a certain level. His head is just so obscenely erect. We then see via flashback how Garp rendered him...impotent to reclaim the treasure he buried in ice. He lost the penetrating power he once had, and wondered through the decades feeling flaccid and unsatisfied. In the end, Luffy sets things right, but I have to wonder if this will have any unintended side-effects. Other than splitting the ring in half.

I could understand how Luffy can generate fire by combining Gear Second and Armament Hardening, but I'm struggling for a way to explain how he can now electrically charge his attacks. We're getting to a point where Oda will need to explain this technique at some point. Till then, we can just enjoy the action sequences it helps create. What's a shonen series without evolving powers?

The Bad

As much as I appreciate Oda finally getting to the point of Chin Jao's mood swings, I don't really see what it's going to be adding to the plot. This series has had far more interesting characters that have never been given this much explanation in flashback. I could look toMonet as an example. The series has never explained why she became a bird-woman. I certainly hope someone asks Oda that in one of the ONE PIECE SBS sections.

Verdict 3/5

Well, we finally have an outcome in the Block C preliminaries, and the finale was completely...expected. I can't help be feel a twinge of disappointment. There was a part of me that was hoping for a weird twist that had Luffy losing. The outcome of it all had some great payoff, and I imagine the next round may face a bit of a delay. I can't wait to see what Luffy gets up to next time as his identity is becoming more exposed.

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