HUNTER X HUNTER #5 - - Watch & Learn

| Saturday, September 7, 2013

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HUNTER X HUNTER #5 - - Watch & Learn

Sure enough, the narrator makes a point to stress the exact
headcount that the Hunters are down to, and it isn’t some clean percentage. It’s
almost endearing, at this point.

I don’t know if I’m necessarily won over yet, but now that I recognize
the ‘sportsman’ quality that seems to connect Togashi’s work, this arc is
starting to grow on me. The show
floundered a little for me over the first four episodes because there wasn’t
much of any ‘inciting incident’ prompting Gon to go off on this adventure and,
thus, the assembly of his team felt rather arbitrary.

Of course, teams are assembled arbitrarily in games all the time, and
the lack of connection between the members is actually makes their interactions a bit more interesting. If the show had maybe just started with these kids getting introduced to
each other as they all showed up for the Hunter qualifying rounds - - and
if their respective backstories were subsequently revealed during monologues
and flashbacks
- - I think the show would’ve had a much stronger, cleaner

== TEASER ==

Yeah yeah yeah… I’m sure some of you long-time fans are going to object
to that notion and insist that the show needed to take its time with its
characters. I’ll still stand firm and say this show would’ve benefited from
having a few matches lit between its toes when it was taking its first steps out of the gate.

As for this episode itself, I continue to believe that Togashi has partly been inspired here by a desire to see how much tension he can ratchet up with such innocuous props. I mean, for crying out loud, our lead’s signature weapon is a
fishing pole! A bunch of would-be Hunters get taken down by landmine-like
mushrooms! Two of our heroes get saved by a can of ExLax!

It’s the same kind of imaginative streak that shapes a level of SUPER
MARIO BROTHERS, yet we're seeing it used for a shonen fighter, and… I’m down for more of it, now. Hope you’re happy.

Watch this episode, Hisoka ×
is × Sneaky
" here and decide for yourself,
then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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