HUNTER X HUNTER #7 - - Watch & Learn

| Saturday, September 14, 2013

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HUNTER X HUNTER #7 - - Watch & Learn

For the number of times Killua’s after-images trick has been used in
popular fiction, I’ve half a mind to wonder if there might actually be some
real world basis for it. From NARUTO to MORTAL KOMBAT, it’s such a specific stylization
of speed and power. Maybe it’s as simple as being a camera trick that was
picked up on rather early in the days of special effects, but I’d like to
entertain the notion that perhaps the ninja that this ‘jutsu’ is so often associated
with might have actually poisoned their victims before going in for an attack -
- and this strobing was what the victims’ drug-addled vision saw before their demise.

If that’s an especially tangential thought to entertain, it’s the
result of this plot being the most leisurely, Sunday drive of heroic
quests. First, we have a whole episode about Gon dodging a can of soda, now we
see him playing ball with an old man for hours on end - - and, all
throughout, there hasn’t been any compelling motivation driving any of it.
== TEASER ==

Seriously, YU YU HAKUSHO immediately put Yusuke into an afterlife that
he’d have to fight his way out of. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST began with the Elric Bros committing a horrible transgression that they then strove to rectify.
HUNTER X HUNTER just starts with Gon setting out to become a hunter because… because
that’s just what you do!
Aside from the generalized preamble in the intro,
we haven’t been given any sort of spiel to set up the monsters which our
titular hunters are presumably competing for the right to track down.

Are they evil? Do they pose a threat to Gon’s way of life? Hey, man…
don’t stress about that. Just enjoy a leisurely ride on this blimp. Hell, we’ll
even slow the ship’s speed so it takes even longer to get where we’re going.

With all that said, I’m... still down to keep watching, and the fact that
I don’t know why I want to keep watching is just maddening to me.

Watch this episode, Showdown
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