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I want to see how someone cosplays this.
I want to see how someone cosplays this.

With the Alliance out of harm's way, Naruto goes on offense along with the Fourth Hokage. However, Obito may finally be ready to unleash his final plan. Will Naruto's newly formed power be too late to save the Shinobi World?

The Good

Same trick, larger scale.
Same trick, larger scale.

How much power is too much for a sh┼Źnen hero? I loved that Naruto was going to have to take a set back, in the way of power modes, to fight Obito. It appeared this fight would be about out thinking the villain in place of overpowering him. Instead, Kishimoto has taken the rather bizarre step in combining senjutsu with Nine-Tails chakra. The melding of frog and fox makes for an extremely odd pairing.

That being said. This is pretty easy to forgive when the outcome looks so appealing. The slow pacing of the previous chapters has made me hungry for some action, and this edition delivers like an all-you-can-eat lunch deal. Not in just a single scene but in several. This is the sort of chapter you know they'll be saving up the animation budget for when this arrives to the anime.

The Bad


I can imagine that there were some people that were turned off by the scene of Naruto's Homer Simpson-esque moment upon realizing that ninjutsu doesn't work on Obito. It completely sucked the air out of what was a rather dramatic moment, but what's the big deal? It was a funny scene that got me to chuckle. I'm not going to hold it against Kishimoto to add some personality into the story.

My real problem of this chapter was having to deal with Sasuke's childish envy of Naruto's growth. I'm profoundly confused why so many find such a petty character appealing.

Verdict 5/5

This had been a real 4 out of 5 week for most of the SHONEN JUMP Trilogy. I wouldn't say they were great, but they were very good. Each one was well worth a read, and NARUTO was the best in show, as far as action goes. If the previous two chapters were dragging for you, this is one you don't want to miss.

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