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Naruto and Minato put into action their plan to rescue the Shinobi Alliance from complete annihilation with the help of their own furry, little demons.

The Good

Didn't this same thing happen last week?
Didn't this same thing happen last week?

It's never a really good sign when I have to struggle to think about the positive points of a chapter. The issue has some nice scenes, but the drawn out pacing is starting to effect my enjoyment of the NARUTOseries. It was nice to see Naruto using such a clever way to rescue the alliance from what would have wiped everyone out. Add to that, Naruto shouting down Sasuke to just do what he tells him.

I can be a sucker for the emotional drama. I really enjoyed that scene of Naruto's parent sacrificing themselves to save their child and their final goodbye. I just don't see what it's adding to this moment.

The Bad

At least he didn't call you 'mountain face guy' again.
At least he didn't call you 'mountain face guy' again.

Graphs can often work to the benefit of the reader. However, this chapter has probbaly one of the most pointless explanations of a technique that I've seen in a long time. On several occasions this arc has pointed out that anything Minato's chakra is touching can be teleported by him. We didn't then need a breakdown of how it all relates to the shadow clone technique.

I would say that I did like the gag it all ended with. I don't think it had ever been pointed out that theSecond Hokage was the shadow clone creator.

Verdict 3/5

I'm not opposed to a bit of melodrama and symbolism, but it can be abused. The recent chapters of NARUTO have been entertaining, but they've also been rather drawn out. So much explaining and over-explaining, then little has happened in these past two weeks. The chapter was good, not great. We've finally seen Naruto has the key to defeating Obito in Ten-Tails form. Let's see some of that. More so if it'll finally end this arc.

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