ONE PIECE #601 - - Special Review

| Friday, June 28, 2013

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ONE PIECE #601 - - Special Review

Sure, it’s probably too easy to look at every
supervillain who cackles with perverted delight over his own villainy and
compare him to the Joker. Still, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t starting
to hear Caesar’s lines ‘auto-dub’ in my mind with Mark Hamill’s voice at this
point. Even past the basics of this
being a clown-themed creep who uses creatively-designed poison gases, the
whole scene of him showing off Smiley to a gallery of roguish buyers seemed like
exactly the sort of stunt that Hamill’s Mr. J would do. And that bit where the slimer
catches CC embarrassingly off-guard and eats the big, deadly candy ahead of
schedules is precisely the sort of bubble-bursting gag that’d often happen
to Hamill’s more self-serious clown prince of crime.

I got some warnings to watch out for ONE PIECE’s 'Joker,' last
episodes, but I’m seeing far fewer comparison points in Don Flamingo at the

== TEASER ==

(By the way, somebody totally needs to draw some fanart, right now,
of Caesar teaming up with TIGER & BUNNY’s Jake Martinez. You know - - that other
anime Joker tribute

Maybe it’s because I get easily grossed out by bad table manners, but
the running joke about various food-stuffs sticking onto Vergo’s face really
isn’t working for me. Nothing about that
character has been terribly interesting, to be honest. He’s not colorful enough
to be fun like Caesar, nor ‘respectable’ enough to be a badass. He’s just an
awkwardly-designed sketch whom Oda’s just running with because he never gets
time to re-think an idea once he’s put it in the comic.

Also - - I will say, once again, that this whole sub-plot with kid’s
drug addiction continues to be one of the most atonally messed-up things I’ve
ever seen in a shonen show. Especially now when the girl’s being tormented by
visions of serpents. That’s like an ALTERED STATES level of messed, right

Watch this
up the New World! Caesar's Horrendous Experiment!” here and decide
for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode here.

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