DRAGON BALL Z #19 - - Watch & Learn

| Friday, June 21, 2013

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DRAGON BALL Z #19 - - Watch & Learn

Few voices in this whole universe bring such an irresistible, stupid
grin to my face like King Kai’s. It doesn’t matter what he’s even saying,
specifically - - that weirdly nasal, phlegmy, lispy voice is just
snicker-inducing in any context.

As I’ve said repeatedly, DBZ is really one step ahead of any of its
critics because it’s already making fun of itself. I think about all the
various parodies and ‘meme videos’ or whatever that have accumulated over the
years, and they look less ridiculous than the show itself. Hell, this one episode makes me honestly think
that DBZ could’ve been programmed on an Adult Swim next to absurdist toons like
AQUA TEEN or SEA LAB and fit in seamlessly. == TEASER ==

I mean, the whole endeavor is just a thorough trolling of the archetypal
martial arts vision quest, right? It’s not enough that Goku seriously mistakes
a poo-flinging monkey for this legendary, Pei Mei-like master, or that King Kai
turns out to actually be a goofy catfish, but the direly-important that’s been
built up for all these episodes also winds up being easy and fun for Goku. The
Saiyans have been framed as this horrible threat for 18 episodes, and the
way Goku’s going to beat them is by chasing a monkey around a planet-sized
lawn? That’s a gag that would’ve been devised by Tex Avery. I love it!

Hell, the show even takes it a step further by having King Kai get
bored with all of this like some kid with a short attention span. My favorite
bit is when he goes on about all the outdoorsy things he’d
rather be doing instead of training Goku. Why train for battle today when you
can look for bugs in the grass instead?

There’s a sublime level of stupidity here - - an SSJ2 acesdant form
of stupidity that begs a new description
- - and it was exactly what I needed. When this
show is on, man, it cracks me to pieces.

Watch this episode, “Defying Gravity" here and decide for yourself,
then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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