ATTACK ON TITAN #5 - - Watch & Learn

| Saturday, June 1, 2013

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ATTACK ON TITAN #5 - - Watch & Learn

: this write-up was done before the most recent Vice Pit episode
where Sam and I talked about ATTACK ON TITAN. Like I said I would last time, I
went ahead and watched this episode immediately after I finished the previous one. Little
did I know that such a significant twist was coming…

It’s clear now that people behind this show are just diabolically good about
misleading, confounding and otherwise manipulating audience expectations. They
lulled me into a false sense of safety with the first episode, then wrenched me
around with a legitimate surprise, and they’ve just done it all over again in only a few

== TEASER ==

Seriously, the sucker punch of Eren’s death hits your gut that
much harder because he was poised in such a rousing cliffhanger last time. Our hero was going to seize his revenge, man!
He’d hopped right over to a high point of conflict! We were going some
righteous retribution dealt out over an episode-long duel!

I doubt it’s an accident that this plot ‘leapt without looking’ in the
same rapid, breathless fashion as the guardsmen’s high-speed pursuit across
town. The show probably isn’t making the sort of cruel, snarky comment on
enlistment as, say… the STARSHIP TROOPERS movie, but there is some significance
to the fact that Eren misses the one, crucial giant while he’s racing off in a
rage to avenge his fallen comrade. I wasn’t taking notes when the one sergeant listed
the strengths and weakness of the various guardsmen during that one training
exercise, but Eren’s breakdown probably should’ve mentioned how he was
passionate to a fault. There’s more to
keeping cool than just being unafraid to act, of course, and it’s an
all-too-fitting tragedy that this young hero would have the courage to rise to
the occasion on his first mission, but not the steeliness to stay aware of his

Wow… I’m breaking down the details because I’m still trying to make sense of what just happened. I sit here in disbelief!
ATTACK ON TITAN just axed its main character with its fifth episode! One of the
supporting characters might be the real protagonist here? Maybe? I’m scared to
predict anything, now...

Watch this episode, " First Battle - Battle of Trost" here and decide for yourself,
then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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