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The Gotei 13 are preparing for war, and it's time for Ichigo to say goodbye to someone special in his life.

The Good

Whoa, whoa!! What's all this about?
Whoa, whoa!! What's all this about?

BLEACH has been on a pretty good streak these past few weeks. The series has kept much of its story structure at a good pace and dropping info bombs every week. While this chapter lacks some of the punch of its predecessors, it came out perfectly well. Seeing how the other Soul Reapers are preparing is a nice touch, but the scene that really captures one's attention is in the finale. Oh-Etsu plans on reforging Ichigo's sword, but it wont be Zangetsu? It seems an odd time to suddenly drop the sword Ichigo has used since chapter one when the final battle is on the horizon. More so when we've never got to learn more about Zangetsu since the Bankai form changed.

The Bad

Seeing the preparations of the other Captains is a nice touch, but Kubo spent a bit too much time on characters I just don't find as interesting. I would have appreciated more time on Soi Fon and less on her joke of a lieutenant and his family. Is Omaeda honestly confused why she didn't take him with her? Yoruichi should join her training.

Verdict 3/5

This is a good chapter, but that's about the sum of things. It's just good. I just felt that too much time was spent on characters of little consequence, but only hinted at the actions of characters I'm actually interested in. Although, another reader may feel differently if you're a Omaeda or Komamura fan. I would like to add that this embodiment of Ichigo's new sword comes across as kind of adorable in the scant few panels that he appears.

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