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I get the feeling that Robin would fit right in with the Heart Pirates.
I get the feeling that Robin would fit right in with the Heart Pirates.

Law and his merry band risk the trek over the iron bridge to Greenbit and face off with the fighting fish that guard it. What they find is that the uninhabited island isn't so uninhabited. There be little people here.

The Good

Law, you are one clever fox.
Law, you are one clever fox.

One of the hallmarks of a great strategist is to get your opponent to move right there you want them, but make them think it was their idea. I remember way back that Eiichiro Oda once talked about how Namihas the third highest IQ of all the characters introduced in the East Blue Saga. Oda has never really gone further into the topic, but I'd have to image that Trafalgar Law is pretty high up there. He is the architect of this entire elaborate plot to take down Kaido. As part of that plan, he's managed to ally himself with theStraw Hats and manipulate the Navy just as he designed. He knew full well that you don't tell Smoker, the White Chase, where you're going if you don't want him to follow.

I don't know why, but I can't help but smirk and chuckle when I see Law is keeping that fake mustache on despite no one being around to identify them. Maybe it will come into play later, but I'm going to miss that handlebar when it's gone.

The Bad

Over all, this was a good chapter. It just comes across that more was teased than actually shown. Are we going to be staying with Law's team for a bit longer, return to the tournament, or see what the others are up to on Dressrosa? Each left off with a cliffhanger of their own, but I can't exactly tell you where I want it to go. I wonder if that's a good or bad thing.

Verdict 3/5

For all the laughs and action this chapter had. It felt lackluster. That's either becasue of all the hot-blooded action of the tournament, or maybe that's due to the two week break we had recently. Anticipation builds and what was a three out of five almost feels like a two. That's hardly fair. It's not as if Oda intended to get ill. I'm happy that Oda is feeling better, and this is a chapter to be read and enjoyed.

If Masashi Kishimoto is to be believed, it seems Oda was even working while in his hospital bed. I swear, does this man need to be restrained to stop him from working.

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