DRAGON BALL Z #20 - - Watch & Learn

| Friday, June 28, 2013

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DRAGON BALL Z #20 - - Watch & Learn

Goku chasing a grasshopper around with a mallet for half an episode?
Yep. Exactly like a Tax Avery short.

Watching this so soon after MAN OF STEEL, I can’t help but feel like
Toriyama has been pulling an epic-sized prank all these years on everybody who’s
done any sort of serious comparison between Goku and Superman. I mean, when you
essentially recount the Fall of Krypton with a lisping goofball filling in for your Morgan Freeman-type, gravitas-wielding narrator, it’s impossible for
it not to be an epic-scale case of one cartoonist ‘taking the
piss out’ of another cartoonist’s creation.

Goku isn’t Japan’s answer to Superman. He became Japan’s parody of

== TEASER ==

(And I really felt like I needed to grab a towel to wipe away all
the spittle that’d accumulated after King Kai’s epic monologue. Man, oh man… that’s definitely Sean Schemmel’s
‘wet’ voice

Initially, I figured this would actually be a filler episode. Jiminy
Cricket up there fits the exact same mold as those red and blue demons from a
few episodes past - - a goofy seat filler cooked up by a hurried animation
staff. However, the accelerated pacing,
and sheer amount of exposited lore, quickly made this seem like A material.
Or at least, maybe meat sandwiched in with some spam.

I guess I wasn’t paying attention to this show that closely when I was
growing up. I don’t remember this business with the Tuffles (or whatever they
were called
) ever being referenced again. It sounded like King Kai was playing Mad
Libs most of the time, and perhaps that’s the bigger goofy on over-complicated
anime mythologies anyway. We spent such a breathless amount of exposition on
this stuff - - just hurrying to get it done and over with, basically - - and
the show know it’s all just gobbledygook to toss away.

Watch this episode, “Goku's Ancestors" here and decide for yourself,
then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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