ATTACK ON TITAN #8 - - Watch & Learn

| Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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ATTACK ON TITAN #8 - - Watch & Learn

Well, now I see why so many of you were snickering in the talkbacks for
the last ‘Titan Talk’ Sam and I did. We
really did speak too soon, huh?

You know, I’m actually not too sore about the show going back on such a
bold and shocking twist. I might even… approve of this switchback
turn of events. To be totally blunt, ATTACK ON TITAN hurriedly demonstrated
that Eren’s zealous personality was really an essential part of the appeal here.
Take him out of the equation, and you’re left with a borderline Amnesiac Child
Assassin and a bunch of guards who’re so interchangeable that it was actually
easy to confuse one guy for another girl.

== TEASER ==

Some shows are character-driven, some are concept-driven, some are setting-driven, and there are plenty which rely some imprecise mixture thereof. TITAN showed that it needed Eren, so this doesn’t feel like much of a cheat. He’s
only been gone for a couple episodes: if the show was able to elicit such shock, that means it just
pulled off a cliffhanger exceptionally well. (And considering how the plot
floundered a bit while Eren was going, it’s safe to say that nobody involved
has really pictured the show without him anyway

We’ll just have stay tuned for next episode to find out what happens after this latest, well-played cliffhanger,
won’t we?

Before we reached the big surprise, I was getting ready to talk about
how this show probably qualify mores as a horror than an
action-adventure. There’s something about the relentless, unstoppable threat
of these mysterious Titans - - the way that Guards have to put in a lot of
effort and trickery just to defeat one
- - which evokes more feelings of
unease than escapism. Initially, I was thinking that the only real link between
this and DEATH NOTE (the director’s other big project, natch) was the frequent
usage of illustrated diagrams. Now, I’m seeing a more conceptual

Watch this episode, "Hearing the Heartbeat - The Battle for Trost” here and decide
for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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