SILVER SPOON #1 - - Special Review

| Thursday, July 25, 2013

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SILVER SPOON #1 - - Special Review

SHOGUN’S NOTE: The summer season is in swing, at last! I’ll be doing my best to watch most, if not all, of the new simulcasting pilots. As such, regular shows like ATTACK ON TITAN, ONE PIECE and, of course, DBZ will be getting a brief break in coverage to make room. Stay tuned, and don’t panic - - their eventual catch-ups will be spectacular!

I feel like a good 5-10 minutes of set-up have been strangely omitted from
this pilot. Between the title and the lead’s hilarious ineptitude for farm
work, I’d assume this show had the very 80’s sitcom premise of a privileged
kid being brusquely forced into doing real work (y’know, the kind that
gives you calluses and such).
However, despite a latter aside about silver
spoons’ linguistic roots in folk lore, that scenario is never actually

== TEASER ==

Is this another case of some intentionally obtuse anime going out of their to cut out relevant information in the name of being ‘challenging?’ Nah,
probably not. Well, I hope not anyway. The show’s already falling victim to a
lot of bad anime tropes like the chibi histrionics our lead kicks up when he
meets the girl in the forest, and the unrealistic hysterics he has after
learning that eggs come out of hen’s butts.

(Seriously, there are plenty of grosser details of avian anatomy
that they could’ve goofed on, and they would’ve made for much funnier jokes.
Refer to “Scientifically Accurate DUCK TALES” and experience true disgust

I hate to shrug off the show, because most of the kids’ 4H hijinks
really made me smile, but I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a stumbling first
step for a series. All of these shenanigans would’ve been that much more
entertaining - - and that much more meaningful character-wise, no less -
- if the show had bothered to actually set things up with a proper intro. As
is, it’s just a bit messy… and I’ll stop before I make any analogies likening
that mess to the kind you’d fine in a cow stable.

Watch this episode, "Welcome to Ezonoo” here and decide for yourself.


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