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When janken goes horribly wrong.
When janken goes horribly wrong.

Kakashi and Obito finally reach the dramatic conclusion to their duel, but take a wild guess which of the two runs away before he can lose.

The Good


A steady theme has been developing in NARUTO over the past few years. You can pretty much predict eminent death of a character by the attempt to create some level of sympathy through flashbacks. Some work out better than others. I appreciate that Kishimoto doesn't treat his villains as all just handwringingly evil. You just have to question the choice of his attempt to do that with Obito after revealing his absolutely infantile motivations earlier.

However, I more choose to see these flashbacks are more linked to Kakashi finally gaining the resolve to stop pulling his punches. That feels long overdue. How many people did he have to kill before Kakashi stopped trying to redeem him?

The Bad

The Ten-Tails Revival Arc's largest contribution to the series is possibly that it diminished the once lustrous sheen of the Uchiha Clan. The blame for that could be placed right at the feet of the clan's only surviving members. Obito is a strictly annoying character. Having to put up with his prattle is bad enough, but it looks as if he may finally be out of our hair. So that's a plus.

Verdict 3/5

This is a hard review to score. Partly becasue I don't feel any level of sympathy for Obito, and that seemed to be Kishimoto's attempt with this chapter. He's easily one of the most disappointing antagonists I think I've ever come across. You can get away with this level of childishness in a mid-boss, but this guy is suppose to be the one responsible for much of the evil in this world's modern era. Do I score by annoyance level, or by my pleasure of seeing him dramatically skewered? I guess it all balances out.

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