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So, is this just casual Friday?
So, is this just casual Friday?

The Vandenreich are still in chaos in the wake of Uryu's rather dramatic promotion, and I think I've deduced why Bambietta can't make a relationship work.

The Good

To be fair, you could ask this about everyone in this series.
To be fair, you could ask this about everyone in this series.

It's nice to get some answers for the events of last week. Yhwach implies that Uryu has some hidden potential that kept him alive back when he stripped all the half-blood Quincy of their powers for himself. However, Jugram implies there is another reason to cause such friction in the ranks. Get the troops so angry and focused on Uryu that he has no other option than to stay in line. It's an interesting idea. If just a touch convoluted. They were going to be suspicious of the new guy anyway.

Things did get markedly better as Orihime and the gang finally showed up. You may disagree, but I'm enjoying how Kubo's been drawing out the reveal on who those two shadowy figures are with our heroes. Let's just hope the reveal has an appropriate payoff. I personally want more Nel Tu before this series ends.

The Bad

I remember back when BLEACH introduced those zanpakuto ladies that are Oh-etsu's body guards. To date, man of them are still unnamed. It's ironic how these past two chapters have done little else than formerly introduce the villains to us. To make matters worse. There are still members of the Stern Ritter that are still unknown -- providing the alphabet theme continues.

One of the biggest issues I have with Uryu's supposed conversion is that Yhwach is practically bragging that he killed his mother, but that is the arrogance of an emperor. I don't doubt that Uryu will make the turn back, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm frustrated with him right now. Then we have Bambietta. It's a ridiculous premise to believe that she works out her frustrations by cutting guys in half on a regular basis. I get it. She's evil.

Verdict 2/5

This chapter just served to make me think how much better these could've been if Kubo had just cut out all these extended introductions and combined the plot details of the previous two into one. The story has just been so drawn out recently. Kubo has been getting a bit too melodramatic a touch more than is needed. At least this is a weekly series, and we don't have long to wait to see what happens next.

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