MAKAI OUJI #1 - - Special Review

| Friday, July 19, 2013

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MAKAI OUJI #1 - - Special Review

Figure it’d be redundant for any otaku to make erotic slash fanart for
this show, no?

While I might muse about how the demonology here is… extensive
enough that I could never imagine an equivalent in Western media, I’m more
intrigued by how this fits into a sub-genre with the likes of OURAN HOST CLUB.
Shows like this seem to directly play at an audience utterly fascinated
by bratty preps at posh private schools, and I’m sure it’s the same sort of
attraction that fuels all these reality shows about rich people behaving badly.

== TEASER ==

There’s almost something fetishistic about how the particulars of this
lead character’s financial situation are presented and played with. You know, he’s got a free ride to this prestigious institute which
he doesn’t deserve, then he loses that hall pass and what will he ever do
without all of his family money?
What indignities will this urbane
sophisticate have to suffer as he must scrap his way back to the upper crust?
It’s almost like some weird S&M humiliation play with money as the toy (and
if you think that’s too gutter-minded a read here, then you obviously weren’t
paying attention to the intro

Speaking of that intro, of course, I do think the show takes a smart
first step by teasing at the various payoffS it’ll be getting to eventually. You’ve
got the lead already back to prominence, you’ve got him fully ascendant on the
demonic scale, you’ve got him already embracing his sexuality… so at least the
audience has a vision of what that’ll look like when they must whether all the slower
steps to get there.

Not a show I’d keep watching, sure, but it’s an interesting pilot to
appraise. Tsk tsk and tut tut.

Watch this
and Realist
here and decide
for yourself.

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