ATTACK ON TITAN #3 - - Watch & Learn

| Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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ATTACK ON TITAN #3 - - Watch & Learn

At last! FULL METAL JACKET’s opening scene, reimagined through the lens
of alternate history fantasy anime! (They even got it right down to the same gag
with a foolish recruit getting punished for sneaking in a little snack from the
mess hall…

For the record, having been in a harness quite similar to this “Three-Dimensional
Maneuver Gear” myself, getting around in any sort of bungie-like is actually
much more treacherous than it looks. This show doesn’t get into how painful it
is for your “little giants,” but I went ahead and inferred an added level of.... conflict into every
scene where Eren’s struggling with this particular skill.

== TEASER ==

Speaking of which, this episode also reminded me a bit of SPACE
- - a very solid show I never got to follow as much as I would’ve
liked. Obviously, the maneuvering is a lot like the training gear they make you
wear at Space Camp (thus bringing my connection to these crotch crankers
), but I think I was more taken by their common use of a particular
trope. You know what I’m talking about. If an anime wants to show
characters reaching a particular, non-violent accomplishment, they’ll more
often show a still image of that act with vertical speed-lines over both sides
of the screen.

To be honest, I associate this with gags more often, so it maybe makes
the little victory a touch harder to take seriously. Eren realizing that, all
along, he’s actually been doing exceptionally well? Him perhaps sensing
that one of his meaner fellow recruits could have sabotaged him?
That’s all solid drama that’s rendered rather… humorous by this
particular storytelling, uh... flourish.

Why, it’s just like a hard-nosed drill instructor wanting you to keep a straight face when he’s betting on how good you are at sucking golf balls through
garden hoses, isn’t it?

Watch this episode, "A Dim Light in the Darkness of Despair - Humanity
Rises Again" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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