MAGI #20 - - Watch & Learn

| Thursday, May 30, 2013

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MAGI #20 - - Watch & Learn

My reflex was to make a Spin Doctors reference, due to the title, but
it’d be more * AHEM * appropriate to bend the allusion a little more and talk
about PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE TWO THRONES. That game concluded the PoP’s “Sands
of Time” trilogy back in ’05 and, wouldn’t you know, it also happened to
involve an dark, evil consciousness literally spreading over a fair prince’s skin as
it asserted dominance.

Though they’re striking, the comparisons basically end there. I’m
not going to act like acrobatic thieves and sinister sorcerers are unique to
any one Arabesque fantasy adventure. They’re all drawing from 1,001 ARABIAN
NIGHTS, as I’ve repeatedly asserted. Still, I played TWO THRONES back during
my last thick of serious gaming and I distinctly thought its story was
good enough to be dramatized in some other medium... so it’s nice to see that
wish more-or-less coming true here.

== TEASER ==

On a cattier note, it’s amusing to bring up a video game here, because
this last arc's starting with a very RPG-style inciting incident. The evil
Black Rukh has poisoned your friends! Now your adventuring party has to
conquer yet another dungeon to collect enough XP… * AHEM *… I mean, magoi to
save them!

Considering how the last Balbadd arc ended with a series-ending
sense of finality, the extension of this conflict seems so much like your
classic “the princess is another castle” tease. (I mean, they basically are
saying that, only swapping ‘castle’ for ‘dungeon’

To be honest, I’m getting a little impatient to get to the real ending
here. It’s not that I’m necessarily dying to see what happens next; I’m just
eager to wrap this business up. We’ve only got five episodes left, now. I might
just do a ‘chunk’ review and get ‘er done. Stay tuned.

Watch this episode, “The Two Princes" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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